Welcome to Harrison County Indiana!

Harrison County has a wonderfully rich history in the emergence of Indiana as our 19th state and the establishment of Corydon as Indiana's first state capital. Just as the early representatives met under the Constitution Elm in Corydon to draft Indiana's first Constitution, the current members of Harrison County government are working hard to represent the needs and will of the people of Harrison County Indiana. Harrison County provides residents with a progressive business community, active social, civic and religious organizations and a friendly small town feel.

Harrison County's rural location is just 25 minutes from the city center of Louisville, Kentucky, the nation's 16th largest city. The outstanding location and growing economy has made Harrison County one of the Indiana's fastest growing counties in recent years. For business or for pleasure we invite you to explore Harrison County Indiana and see for yourself why our community is an ideal place to live, work and play.


Proposed Local Rule Amendment



Notice of Proposed Local Rule Amendment and Finding Good Cause to Deviate From Established Schedule

May 31, 2019

The judges of the Harrison Circuit and Superior Courts, pursuant to Trial Rule 81(B), give notice of amendments to the local court rules and find good cause to deviate from the schedule for amending local rules under Trial Rule 81(D). All new text is shown by underlining and deleted text is shown by strikethrough. Supreme Court approval is required for Local Rules concerning Special Judge selection and may not take effect until approved by the Supreme Court.

Notice shall be given to the public by posting on the website, if any, of the Harrison Court Clerk and on the Indiana Judicial Website, and by furnishing a copy to the officers of the Harrison County Bar Association. 

Comments may be made until July 2, 2019 to:

Hon. John Evans, Judge
Attn: Public Comment on Local Rules,
Harrison Circuit Court, 300 N. Capitol Ave, Corydon, IN 47112

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

These rule amendments will be effective July 3, 2019. Approval of the Indiana Supreme Court is not required for this rule amendment.



(IC 33-23-16)

The following schedule of fees applies as follows:

A. The Veterans Court Intake Fee $50.00

B. The Veterans Court Monthly Fee $25.00

C. All Veterans Treatment Court Fees are payable to the Harrison County Clerk.

D. The Court may on a case-by-case basis waive fees or decrease fees if justified under the circumstances of the particular case.