School Board of Trustees

Are you considering a candidacy for your local school board of trustees?

If so, join the Indiana School Boards Association for an understanding of the scope and expectations of the work.

Our public school corporations are the heart of our Indiana communities. Choosing to run for a seat on your local school board of trustees is a decision that should not be made lightly. School board service is a time commitment that requires patience, dedication, and the will to work with your fellow board members to make crucial decisions regarding the work and future of your local school corporation, greater community and most importantly—your community’s children. Understanding the scope of the board member’s role is important as you consider your potential candidacy.

The Indiana School Boards Association invites you to learn more about the role, expectations, and legal parameters of school board members. This 90-minute seminar will arm you with the basic knowledge and answer your questions to help you consider if board service is right for you and what to expect if you are elected.

Each registration is $35. 

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