Highway Department

The Harrison County Highway Department is responsible for maintaining Harrison County’s roadway system. This includes everything from patching potholes and mowing the right-of-ways to replacing culverts and bridges and paving roads. The Highway Department is responsible for over 800 miles of county roads, 77 bridges, over 300 small structures (culverts with a span greater than 4-ft but less than 20-ft), and many smaller roadway culverts.

The Highway Department’s approved annual budget for 2017 is $3,822,017 and is comprised of $572,500 funded from the Local Road and Street (LRS) account, $3,067,598 funded from the Motor Vehicle Highway (MVH) account, and $181,919 funded from the Cumulative Bridge account. Both the MVH and LRS accounts are funded through taxes paid on diesel and gasoline. The cumulative bridge account is funded through an assessment on property taxes. In addition to these funds, the Highway Department was also budgeted $4,755,000 for 2017 from riverboat funds. This funding is committed to paving roads, completing road improvements such as road widening, striping, preparation work for paving, and culvert replacements. The total 2017 budget including riverboat funding is $8,577,017.

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