The Harrison County Clerk's Office can assist you in the process to request a passport. A passport is an internationally recognized travel document that verifies the identity and nationality of the bearer. A valid U.S. passport is required to enter and leave most foreign countries. Only the U.S. Department of State has the authority to grant, issue or verify United States passports.

To obtain a passport for the first time, please bring to the Clerk’s office a DS-11 application completed in black ink, a current passport photo* of yourself, proof of U.S. citizenship, which may be a Naturalization Paper, a certified copy of your US birth certificate or a previous passport, and a black and white photo copy of it, a valid form of photo identification such as a driver’s license, and a photo copy of it, (the copy must have the front and back of the license on one side of a sheet of paper) and 2 personal checks. If you are unable a provide any of these item please call the Clerk’s office to see what may be substituted. Each applicant must be present when applying. Minors must be accompanied by parent (parents) on birth certificate or legal guardian.

Applications will be accepted Monday through Friday 8am - 3:30pm. If mistakes are made do not white-out. Only draw a straight line through the mistake, initial and write correct information. If children have different surnames than parents, additional documentation will be required, such as divorce decrees or marriage license.

You’ll need to apply in person if you are applying for a U.S. passport for the first time or:

  • If your expired U.S. passport is not in your possession;
  • If your previous U.S. passport has expired and was issued more than 15 years ago;
  • If your previous U.S. passport was issued when you were under age 16;
  • Or if your currently valid U.S. passport has been lost or stolen.

Renewal of a U.S. Passport

You can renew by mail if:

  • Your most recent passport is available to submit and it is not damaged;
  • You received the passport within the past 15 years;
  • You were over age 16 when it was issued;
  • You still have the same name, or can legally document your name change.

Department of State Passport Renewal Information -  Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Where can I go to get passport photos made in the Harrison County area?
Answer: Passport photos can be taken at several places in the area such as Walgreens, and Wal-Mart in Corydon. Check your local phone book for other locations that provide this service. Passport Photos must follow the size dimensions and content requirements established by the U.S. State Department.

Question: Where can I get a certified copy of my birth certificate?
Answer: In Indiana, Birth and Death records are filed and kept in the county where the event occurred.  The Harrison County Health Department has records for births and deaths occurring in Harrison County, Indiana.

For additional information please visit the United States State Department Travel Website by clicking on the link below.