Surveyor's Office

The Harrison County Surveyor's Office has many functions and includes multiple services.

Some of these include:

  • Land Subdivision Information
  • Records of original 1805 subdivision of sections.
  • Legal Surveys
  • Court orders pertaining to boundary lines.
  • Approves all Alcoholic Beverage Commission Permits
  • The Surveyor oversees the County Drainage Board and is the arbiter for settling drainage disputes.

Question: Who can I contact to have a private survey done?
Answer: We rotate all surveyors. We have record of (3) at a time to people who need them. Please see our list of Harrison County Surveyors in the Surveyors Document Center. 

Question: What referenced monumentation is available for a particular county section?
Answer: We maintain and share this information with all surveyors or private individuals as openly and equally as possible. Also, this office works to physically preserve the available monuments throughout the county.

Question: How can I get an Alcoholic Beverage Commission permit for my business?
Answer: The Surveyor approves all Alcoholic Beverage Commission permits.  To obtain a permit, contact the Surveyor's offics at (812) 738-3206