Treasurer's Office

The Harrison County Treasurer is responsible for collecting property tax payments twice per year and other tax payments such as personal property taxes.  The department also coordinates the county's annual tax sale.

Tax Payments:

  • Pay In Person - Payments can be made with cash, check, money order, cashier's check, or credit card. Payments are accepted by phone, online or with a certified check or credit card in the Treasurer's office.The  Treasurer's Office is located in the Harrison County Government Center at  245 Atwood Street NE Suite 213, Corydon, IN 47112 with hours between 8:00am and 4:30pm.
  • Payment by Mail - Mailed payments must have a postal service postmark on or before the due date to avoid a late payment penalty. If you need a receipt, you must send the entire bill along with a self addressed and self stamped envelope. We will tear off the portion we need then send the rest of your tax bill back to you stamped paid.
  • Payments with a Credit Card in Treasurer's Office - Credit Cards may also be used when making a payment in the Treasurer's Office. A nominal convenience fee will be added for this service. Fee is approximately 3% of transaction.
  • Payments by Phone - Credit Cards may also be used when making a payment over the phone to our toll free phone number. Call 1-866-587-3655 to make a payment by phone. A nominal convenience fee will be added for this service. Fee is approximately 3% of transaction.
  • Payments with a Credit Card online - Credit Cards may also be used when making an online payment via our secured Internet sites provided below. A nominal convenience fee will be added for this service. Fee is approximately 3% of transaction.

        Pay your Personal Property Taxes Online

        Pay your Real Estate Property Taxes Online

Personal Property Taxes:

The Harrison County Treasurer has the responsibility of collecting real estate and personal property (mobile homes, inventory, equipment, etc.) taxes twice a year.

The Harrison County Treasurer's office mails late notices for personal property taxes after July 1, every year. If taxes have not been paid after 30 days then the amounts are certified to the Harrison Couny Circuit Court Clerk as leins. The delinquent tax amount then accrues interest until the date that it is paid in full.

Harrison County Annual Tax Sale:

The Harrison County Tax Sale occurs in the Commissioner's Room on the first floor of the Harrison County Government Building located at 245 Atwood Street NE, Corydon, IN 47112. Eligible tax sale properties will be certified every year on July 1st, and after this date interested parties can go to the SRI website for a list of certified properties.

Click here for a list of eligible properties

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How much will the penalty be if my payment is late?
Answer: The penalty will be in the amount of 5% of the unpaid tax IF the installment is completely paid on or before thirty (30) days after the due date AND you are not liable for delinquent property taxes (as defined by IC 6-1.1.1) first due and payable in a previous installment for the same parcel.  Otherwise, the penalty will be in the amount of 10% of the unpaid tax.

Question: Where can I go for help with my taxes?
Answer: There are several resources available to you to assist you with information concerning you taxes.

    • The Assessor determines the appropriate assessed value for your property.  If you feel your tax bill is too high due to an incorrect assessed value please contact the Harrison County Assessor's Office.
    • The Auditor can provide county taxpayers with a list of deductions and exemptions that can be filed with their office to reduce the overall property tax burden.  Exemptions include Homestead Credit, Mortgage, Age 65, Veteran's and disability.
    • The Treasurer accepts payment for all types of county tax payments.  If you have questions regarding paying your tax bill contact the Treasurer's Office.

Question: Can I make partial payments?
Answer: We will take any payment in any amount that you want to apply on your parcel. (parcels that have a tax sale lien are not eligible for partial payments.) if you wish to make a partial payment simply mail or bring your payment to the Harrison County Treasurer's office. If you are mailing your payment, please be sure to indicate the parcel number in the memo-portion of your check so that your payment will be properly applied.

Question: I purchased a parcel that is part of a split, who do I contact for tax information?
Answer: You need to contact the assessor and auditor's offices for values and taxes.

Question: When does property become eligible for tax sale?
Answer: If the spring installment or any portion of it is delinquent from the previous year the property then becomes eligible for tax sale.

Question: Who do I contact regarding a sheriff's sale?
Answer: Harrison County Sheriff's Sales are listed by SRI Incorporated. Click here view their website for listing details.