Domestic Violence

Women who experience family violence often feel isolated and alone. As victims of domestic violence the need help and understanding. The Hoosier Hills PACT Domestic Violence Shelter Program can fill that need. The support group is open to any woman who is or has been in an abusive situation.

Have you experienced any of the following:

  • Fear of your partner's anger or temper
  • Being regularly put down, called names, or told that you are dumb or crazy by your partner
  • Being hit, slapped, kicked, punched or threatened with a weapon by your partner
  • Being told who you can see and where you can go
  • Extreme jealousy from your partner
  • Threats to hurt you or loved ones if you love
  • Being told the children will be taken away if you leave

Contact Hoosier Hills Pact for Assistance:

Tonya Lynch - Victim Advocate

Harrison County Victim Services (Hoosier Hills Prisoner and Community Together, Inc.)
405 N. Capitol Ave. Suite 103
Corydon, IN 47112

Harrison Co. Office: 812-225-5335

Work Cell: 812-670-5062

Crisis Line: 1-888-883-1959