Running for a Political Office

Candidates wishing to file as Independents for the 2022 General Election must submit the CAN-21 to the Voter Registration Office no later than noon June 30, 2022.  Candidates may file their consent, CAN-20, at the same time as filing the petition or no later than noon July 15, 2022.  This form must be filed with the Clerk.

Candidates must file a Statement of Economic Interest, CAN-12, with the CAN-20.  If the office that is sought pays a salary of $5,000 or more annually the CFA-1 must be filed within 10 days of filing the CAN-20.

Perspective School Board Candidates should file CFA-1, CAN-12 & CAN-34 starting July 27th at 8am through noon August 26th

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